About Ray

Ray describes himself as a Celtic New Monastic for Tomorrow's World.

He is the Founding Guardian of the Community of Aidan and Hilda - a world-wide people who journey with God, reconnecting with the Spirit and the Scriptures, the saints and the streets, the seasons and the soil through a Way of Life, a Rhythm of Prayer and a Network of Soul Friends. www.aidanandhilda.org.uk

He was the principal tutor of its studies programmes and the founder of its Celtic Christianity Library, Prayer and Meeting Room, and some Retreat Cottages  on Britain's Holy Island of Lindisfarne, where he  lived for over  twenty two years.

He is also its principal liturgist. He leads retreats and lectures world-wide.

He is the author of some forty books on Celtic and general spirituality, fresh expressions of church, prayer and society.  Some of these have a prophetic edge and have been translated into other languages.

Ray is an ordained Anglican priest, and as a church planter of 'one family of Christians for one neighbourhood' at Bowthorpe, Norwich has been recognised as a Methodist and as a United Reformed minister,  a minister to Baptists,  a Quaker adherent and he was commissioned by the Catholic Diocese.

Ray has formed deep bonds of love with a number of countries - those he has visited most often include Australia, Ireland and Norway.

He went to Woking Grammar School and London University and began his Christian ministry in Stoke-on-Trent and multi-racial London, where they aimed 'to build the peace of the world in the streets of London'.

Other interests include the gym, hill scrambling, galleries and films. He has written one novel and is currently working on a memoir. He has family in Norwich and Cork, Ireland.

He offers spiritual direction to guests and pilgrims to Holy Ireland.

He now  lives in the  Community's house  in Berwick-Upon-Tweed where he engages in mentoring and  leadership training, and loves to accompany pilgrim groups before, after or during their stay on nearby Lindisfarne. <revd.ray.simpson@btinternet.com>

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To find out more read his auto-biography Monk In the Marketplace - and the Simpsons (DLT)


a prayer...

We arise today
in the Eternal Flow of Mercy
who was here when the land began to breathe,
when the first tribes began to roam,
and when the colonists came to settle.
We arise today
in the Eternal Flow of Wisdom
who is dimly perceived in the stones,
the stories and the studies of all our peoples.
We arise today
in the Eternal Flow of Life
who seeps through land and limb and love.

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