The Cowshed Revolution

Riveted to my car radio, I stayed in the car park until Aung San Suu Kyi's first BBC Reith Lecture finished. The leader of Burma's main opposition party, after years under house arrest,secretly recorded two lectures which were smuggled out of Burma. She spoke of the Peoples' Uprisings in Arab countries and of her own movement's attempts to organise an uprising from an office in a cow shed. 'This would not be the first time a world movement has started in a cow shed', she said, referring to Jesus' birth at Bethlehem.

A thousand bells rang in my head. Are we not calling Christians world-wide to start 'little Bethlehems' rather than top-down church set-ups? Am I not writing a book about Downwardly Mobile People so that millions of ordinary people will follow in the steps of the Man from Bethlehem and commit to justice, social enterprises, community-building and people-centred societies? I can't wait for the second Reith Lecture.

Posted at 02:47am on 28th June 2011
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