His Name Is S0lve

Solve studied theology and gymnastics. He pastors a young church in northern Norway. He has a wife and two infants. He has walked Saint Cuthbert's Way with twenty other Norwegians. He has become an Explorer with Anam Cara - the Community of Aidan and Hilda in Norway. He converses over tea in my garden.

'I felt in my soul that there is something more. Our congregation is good; there is no conflict. People are friendly and trusting. For a time we looked to mega churches in USA for guidance. I felt this was not the way. I wanted to go deeper, to be more natural, but for too long we have forgotten about the desert, about daily prayer whose rhythms we can naturally sink into without striving, about the spiritual practices. Now I meet with a soul friend. My parents have given us a portable staircase, so I have a prayer room in our attic where I can pray even when the kids are noisy. But the church must find ways to bring this way to young families. Now we invite one family each week to a meal, and give them tools. It is a help to be linked to others who follow these Waymarks - to be part of a movement.'

I rise from our conversation as if I have wings like an eagle.

Posted at 10:02am on 22nd June 2010
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