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Ray's Blog: September 2007

Unlock The Song In Every Heart

'What is the purpose of the Community of Aidan and Hilda on this earth?' we asked members. 'To unlock the song in every human heart' was one reply.

:In the later 1970's the Venezuelan composer Jose Antonio Abreu started rehearsing with eleven slum kids in a garage. Thirty years later the...

Posted at 09:20am on 24th September 2007

Oldies Revolution

Today some churches celebrate Theodore, saint of Tarsus, and the first Archbishop of Canterbury to win the heartfelt allegiance of both Celtic and Roman traditions in the seventh century English church. But I celebrate the fact that he was sixty seven when he began his...

Posted at 07:52am on 20th September 2007

N. Ireland Celtic Spirituality Initiative

An edited version of the address by Revd Ray Simpson, Guardian of the International Community of Aidan and Hilda at the commissioning of Rev Grace Clunie as Director of Celtic Spirituality by the Archbishop of Armagh at Armagh Cathedral on

Sunday September 2 2007

I bring greetings from Lindisfarne, Cradle of...

Posted at 06:28am on 9th September 2007
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