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Ray's Blog: February 2009

Ash Wednesday In Wales

I have been working on a book of daily readings at St. Deiniols Library, North Wales. Britain's largest residential library was endowed to the nation by former Prime Minister William Gladstone, who included provisions such as bursaries for poverty stricken clerics like myself.

On Ash Wednesday five resident students decided...

Posted at 13:33pm on 28th February 2009

Finance, Sex And Darwin - In 250 Words

It's my turn to write the Pause for Thought column in our local newspaper. Six months of thoughts have to be condensed in to 250 words. This is it:

My Vicar on Holy Island says 'The world financial crisis is an opportunity to change to a sustainable way of life.'...

Posted at 07:22am on 14th February 2009

Alzheimers, Terry Pratchett And My Friends

Terry Pratchett has Alzheimers. He has invited a film crew to chronicle his 'dark path'. He is determined not to be seen as a victim.

I have two priest friends with Alzheimers. One had such peace in the deeper levels of his soul that he his still...

Posted at 04:45am on 8th February 2009

'you Are A Prophetic Community'

Senior churchman Godfrey Butland is the person to whom our Community gives account.While he was driving to the annual houseparty of those of us in first vows he asked God what he should say to us. He told us that he thinks God is pleased with what he sees. Godfrey...
Posted at 05:53am on 1st February 2009
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