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Ray's Blog: January 2010


I jogged in Edinburgh's Holyrood Park, which had just become snow-free. So I thought. Packed ice on a climbing footpath sent me bang on my back, and up with a damaged wrist. Berwick Infirmary put it in a sling. It proved not to be broken.

Two teeth extracted...

Posted at 12:27pm on 22nd January 2010

The Worst Of Times And The Best Of Times

There are times in my life when others see in me only the glow of inspiring words on a page. There are times in my life when people see only the gashes of fragmented parts of my being. I am the same person. There are times when these two...

Posted at 06:33am on 18th January 2010

Can We Both Hibernate And Give?

We commit to 'go at winter's pace in winter' and use the season to store knowledge and prepare good infrastructures for the coming three seasons of growth, out-going and harvesting. You might call this 'positive hibernation'. But how do we avoid stagnation and do we cease to be...
Posted at 06:05am on 14th January 2010

Snow, Sand And Crackpots

Holy Island is snowbound for the first time in the living memory of the younger generation. Meanwhile some of our members in Norway, who, unlike the British, take snow for granted, are walking in the sands of Egypt to the hermitages of Saint Antony and Saint Paul the Hermit....

Posted at 06:15am on 8th January 2010
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