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Ray's Blog: October 2010

One Liners

Goths throng Whitby town.

I preach at Whitby priory that Diogenes asked Alexander the Great if he'd get out of the way because he was blocking the sun

A bishop-designate in the pews says 'When I am enthroned I will ask people to stop blocking the SON.'


Posted at 06:48am on 29th October 2010

Saint Hilda And Women Bishops

We gain inspiration from our dedication, 'The Community of Aidan and Hilda' for many reasons. Both Aidan and Hilda kept the rules of the church in their time, yet they transcended bureacratic ways and prejudiced attitudes, were open to fresh leadings of the Spirit and Hilda sent an advocate...

Posted at 08:15am on 22nd October 2010

A Fellowship Of Love

When we drop from a flotsam life of much ado about nothing and are drowned in the overwhelming seas of Divine Love, a new alignment of relationships takes place. We share the universe with people of all shapes, colours, abilities, backgrounds who live continuously in this Deep Centre where...

Posted at 01:16am on 16th October 2010

Louis Theroux's Weird Week-ends

In keeping with my new 'How to be Idle' regime I watched Louis Theroux's Weird Week-end TV episode in India, where he went in search of spirituality. Louis so far sits on the fence as far as his own spiritual commitment goes, but he is human and balanced enough to...

Posted at 00:51am on 8th October 2010

How To Be Idle

When I took life vows on a boat in London my former spiritual director gave me a book. I can't imagine why. It 's entitled 'How to be Idle' by Tom Hodgkinson.

The first chapter calls upon us to stay in bed when we wake up. The second...

Posted at 02:26am on 3rd October 2010
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