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Ray's Blog: March 2010

The Enneagram

A week at the Open Gate with Enneagram practitioner Dorothy Neilson. I am Type Four of the nine types. I learn that at our worst we are moody, self-concerned, in a world of our own, and feel excluded (even so, I am still glad I...

Posted at 04:35am on 26th March 2010

From Ego To True Self

I prepare to lead a small Lent retreat on this theme next week. It is possible there are still a space or two left. Some Bible Christians don't like words like ego and true self. The ego is our tendency towards not being true to ourselves.. The true...

Posted at 04:36am on 11th March 2010

Hoods, Holy Island And Simplicity

'Hoodies', in Britain at least, are young shop-stealers who avoid detection by security cameras by covering their head in a hood. That is one image. A different image is that of clergy of a certain type who wear long black clerical cloaks topped with a hood. For...

Posted at 02:09am on 4th March 2010
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