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Ray's Blog: June 2010

A Forge For Character Formation

Guri is a Norwegian missionary in Mali. She took her First Vows here before she returned. A fellow pilgrim learned that Saint Columba asked God for three gifts. 'I ask God for awareness, love and order', this pastor told me, 'can you advise me how I may develop these?'...

Posted at 03:25am on 30th June 2010

His Name Is S0lve

Solve studied theology and gymnastics. He pastors a young church in northern Norway. He has a wife and two infants. He has walked Saint Cuthbert's Way with twenty other Norwegians. He has become an Explorer with Anam Cara - the Community of Aidan and Hilda in Norway. He converses...

Posted at 10:02am on 22nd June 2010

Holy Island Homily

A man died. Someone asked his friend 'What did he leave?'. The friend paused. 'I think he left everything' he said. Since we can't take anything that perishes with us, why not build up assets that we can take with us, because they are part of the true selves that...
Posted at 01:26am on 18th June 2010

God, Relationship, Society


We dismiss a merely individualistic society as selfish and unsustainable. So why believe in an individualistic God? We dismiss a person who falls in love with their own reflection as narcissistic, and regard a person who can love another as more whole. So why believe in a God...

Posted at 03:29am on 14th June 2010

Foundations And Futures

Six hours at London Heathrow waiting for the plane to Glasgow. Jet lag on Sunday. Mail mountains on Monday. York on Tuesday - an enjoyable storytelling day at Saint Bede Centre. If everybody who now lives in our multi-cultural society knows the stories of those who shaped the land they...

Posted at 14:11pm on 9th June 2010

The Canadian Church

A senior churchman came for half a day to The Farne farm and retreat house here at Elmwood, Durham, Ontario. He spoke of research into the decline amd fall of organisations. If an organisation can bring in fresh energies when the plateau takes place it will revive, bit if...

Posted at 18:06pm on 3rd June 2010


Randy and Sharon Goodfellow hosted me with much thought in their lovely home. On Friday Gregor came to supper. He is a former Sufi, a fine leader and meditator who has just begun an ordained ministry across the river. On Saturday St.John's Church, March was the venue for a day...

Posted at 09:40am on 1st June 2010
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