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Ray's Blog: August 2010


A tourists day out. A five year old boy gapes at features like the castle and the harbour, and then the church. 'Mummy, what do people do in churches?' he asks. She is not sure. A byestander's suggestion was 'They get close to God'. What would your reply be?...

Posted at 09:51am on 26th August 2010

The History Boys

Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Many hundreds of make-shift venues. Endless experiment and energy. Colourful streets packed, sardine-like, with jostling crowds, actors, acrobats, artists, musicians. In between the street acts I went to Alan Bennett's 'The History Boys'. Alan was a working class lad who went to a posh...

Posted at 01:01am on 22nd August 2010

Cornish Pilgrimage

I was the guest of Paul and Sally Nash, Aidan and Hilda Friends, at their cottage by the River Tamar. This separates Cornwall from Devon. On our first evening we drove to the ancient stone circles known as The Hurlers, on Bodmin Moor, before enjoying John Mortimer's play...

Posted at 01:26am on 14th August 2010

The Well

I am at Glastonbury's Chalice Well. The well is at the foot of the famous Tor. So is she. The well marks the site of the earliest Christian baptism in Britain, so folk lore has it - about forty eight years after the birth of Christ. From the other...
Posted at 05:19am on 10th August 2010

The Secretary

Naomi is about to become the manager of our Open Gate Retreat House on Holy Island,UK. That means the office is empty. We need a Secretary. The Secretary will maintain our database, be a book-keeper, and answer emails and phone calls. Across the road is our Celtic Christian...

Posted at 12:21pm on 5th August 2010

The Flag

The British flag, like many others, is red, white and blue. A flag is a symbol of a healthy love of one's country. But racists such as the British National Party (BNP) hijack it for their own unhealthy ideology. Their massive use of it in their propaganda distorts and...

Posted at 13:30pm on 1st August 2010
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