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Ray's Blog: December 2011

New Year Message


Capitalism is in crisis. The international 'Occupy' movement wants the 1 per cent who hold the levers of money and power to relate to the 99 per cent as one community. Time Magazine states that the world’s protesters pine for some third way, a new social order. UK Prime Minister...

Posted at 01:52am on 31st December 2011

I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas: From Whitehouse To Whitehouse.

Day 1: Black-out, starlight and a meal with Carol.

Day 2: Sister Sally cooks Boxing Day meal and an unwell neighbour joins us.

Day 3: The President of the British-Pakistani Christian Association and relatives visit this Christian island, find everything  closed, and I give them a pilgrim tour.

Day 4: Sally and I...

Posted at 05:16am on 30th December 2011

David Cameron's Christmas Present - 'the Cowshed Revolution'

Wait for a New Year Message and launch of 'The Cowshed Revolution: a new society created by downwardly mobile Christians'.

Meanwhile I sent Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron an advance copy for Christmas. In two recent speeches he called for a social reformation and for the church to help with an...

Posted at 02:47am on 23rd December 2011

The Oldie

The woman who writes the ‘Pearls of Wisdom’ feature for Oldie Magazine clutched a book she had bought in the Post Office when in walked 81 year old Kate Tristram. ‘That’s the author’ said the Postmaster. ‘Can I interview you?’ she asked Kate.

She seemed shocked by what Kate told her....

Posted at 01:54am on 18th December 2011

Danish Anamcara

Danish pastry is delicious. Danish anamcara is better. It has more substance. Anamcara is the name of The Community of Aidan in Denmark. It has a new web site. Visit

Katrina rang me from Denmark. She is a member of Anamcara. She and her husband Henry have some beautiful land....

Posted at 01:18am on 10th December 2011

Santa Claus

December 6: I put Santa Claus - Saint Niklaus actually - on my window sill, with snow, crib and flashing winter lights. When this kind parish priest heard a man who'd lost his fortune was to sell his daughters into prostitution, he secretly dropped gold down the chimney. This fell...

Posted at 03:51am on 6th December 2011
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