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Ray's Blog: May 2011

Step Childrens' Weddings

A long drive to Goodworth Clatford, near Andover, where widowed cousin Jane married widowed Peter. Peter came from Swindon. They will live in Goodworth Clatford. Peter said this was like Midsomer, of Midsomer Murders fame. Thatched cottages, river and bridleways. Any way, my sister Sally and I got to know an...

Posted at 10:55am on 31st May 2011

Aidan And Hilda In Seattle

Tom Cashman, our Pacific NW Regional Guardian in the USA, drove me from Vancouver, where he gives spiritual direction every few weeks, across the border into his home town of Seattle. This green and spacious city is named after the Indian Chief Seattle, whose famous declaration 'We did...

Posted at 22:11pm on 22nd May 2011

Canada's Civilised Cities

A farm was given to Sorrento Centre. During my week faciliating Associates in Celtic spirituality farmer Dave, a Jew, asked if we would hold a rogation season blessing of the seeds, because 'that would make the plants 'grow well'. We all gathered there, had an earth blessing, circled...

Posted at 04:03am on 19th May 2011

Celtic Sap Rises In Sorrento And Vancouver Island

This is one big family at Sorrento Centre. The week began with us paying $15 for a meal whose proceeds went to a local person who was turned out of their house. Volunteers paint, sew, clean, garden, cook, catalogue, display and make ready the cabins for the coming season....

Posted at 00:30am on 12th May 2011

Choppy Departure For Vancouver

I am in Vancouver. Things happened before I left Holy Island. Paul, our vicar-designate, arrived. People like him. Probably that's because he is genuine. My computer crashed, with all my Canada stuff on it plus six one minute talks I had to record at Melrose for Borders...

Posted at 17:11pm on 5th May 2011
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