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Ray's Blog: July 2011

My sister Sally is here for a holiday. Pilgrims from St. Joe's Episcopal Church, Florida, invited us to a five star meal cooked by their Rector, Father Marty, who is an ex Vatican chef. They told us about the interesting things they do at St. Joe's. I told...

Posted at 01:47am on 26th July 2011

Anders Breivik And James The Apostle

Today, Anders Breivik, killer of those on an island whose views he despised, wants to promote his views in court. Today, churches throughout the world commemmorate James, an apostle of Christ who wanted to kill everyone in a Samaritan town whose views he despised. He got the idea -...

Posted at 00:32am on 25th July 2011

Norway's Tragedy

More than eighty future leaders shot dead on an island. It seems only yesterday that I was on an island where Norway's young socialists were gathered for their summer school. Our group had an open air service and band, and some of the young politicians joined us for this....

Posted at 04:58am on 23rd July 2011

Blankers Can Change The World

Rejoice! Rejoice! At 11.26 and 13 seconds on Friday July 22 in the Year of Our Lord 2011 I, Ray Simpson, cleared every email from my screen. TO BE BLANK IS TO BE BLESSED..

Attention! Attention! This minute. You, everyone who is under twenty six...

Posted at 02:51am on 22nd July 2011

Divine Conversations

Lunch with Stuart and Paul who are leaders of a community church that meets in a cinema. Questions to discuss: How do leaders of large set-ups create enough time to work on their inner life? If they don't, observe how the institution becomes dysfunctional.

Paul and Sally round for tea....

Posted at 11:23am on 20th July 2011

The Well And The Wwoofers

The Well is an example of how a declining religious community may morph into something vibrant. The brothers of the Anglican Society of the Sacred Mission (SSM)were aging but owned attractive land. This was situated in the idyllic village of Willen, which has a lake, an ancient church...

Posted at 01:29am on 15th July 2011

Did The Irish Save Civilisation And Can We?

Irish delight arrived in the person of Paul Wright, who is recording a six part radio series on 'Back From The Brink- The Heroic Contribution of The Irish in Helping To Save Western Civilization!' Paul cycled here from Berwick rail station and swam twice in one day in the north sea. 'I...

Posted at 06:47am on 10th July 2011

Dreams, Tweets, Viking Voyagers & Royals.

Scribbled down lots of dreams about monks. Discussed them with Abbot Stuart, a soul friend. This links with my Twitter profile 'Celtic New Monastic for Tomorrow's World'. I never miss my daily prayer tweet.

Had a stream of delightful visitors who ask for an interview, a talk...

Posted at 01:47am on 3rd July 2011
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