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Ray's Blog: January 2012

Agape Cafes


Alain de Botton does not believe in God but thinks benefits would flow if everyone did. For example, we could have restaurants which radiate ‘agape love’. Agape is a splendid Greek word used in the New Testament. Agape offers compassion and goodwill to a person regardless of whether we find...
Posted at 07:04am on 30th January 2012

Marriage Talks

A German student named Daniel Hug spent a year in a Newcastle Buddhist monastery and a year as a volunteer at our Lindisfarne Retreat House. Now he is married to Jessica and they belong to the Bruderhof Community.

He writes: 'I would like to make you aware of an event we...

Posted at 05:37am on 25th January 2012

Week Of Prayer For Christian Unity Tweets


The theme of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2012, prepared in Poland, is the transformative power of Christ. Christian churches observe this week at different times, usually during either the Epiphany or Pentecost season.  Prayers and reflections for the eight days are published by The Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian...
Posted at 02:16am on 20th January 2012

Blest Are The Politicians

Blest are the politicians who listen to the people. Blest are the politicians who walk with the poor. Blest are the politicians who are a still, quiet voice in the maelstrom of public life. Blest are the politicians who trade their influence for the common good. Blest are the politicians who speak truth to...
Posted at 12:02pm on 18th January 2012

24/7 Hits New Hot Spot

The 24/7 prayer movement and our community share some common aspirations and sources of inspiration. Those who have made vows as Voyagers made a 24 hour prayer vigil during their annual retreat, held this year at Shallowford House, near Stoke-on-Trent. Personal prayer requests were posted on one wall, prophetic words and...

Posted at 02:08am on 13th January 2012

Why I Like Brighton

Epiphany moments graced a full house at St. Cuthman's Retreat Centre, Sussex, UK. Afterwards I chilled out at Brighton before driving to our annual Voyagers Retreat near Stoke-on-Trent. 'Brighton?' sniffed a retired barrister. I'll tell you why I like it.  First, because I can get a bed by the sea for...

Posted at 05:43am on 9th January 2012

Fair Trade - Fair Do

A good new year resolution is to buy more local food and more fair trade products in 2012. Yesterday a visitor told me that London would not survive more than one day if the food supply chain collapsed and supermarkets had no stocks.  No wonder he is thinking of setting up a...

Posted at 02:12am on 4th January 2012
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