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Ray's Blog: December 2012

New Year Message


New Year Message from Ray Simpson Founding Guardian, the international Community of Aidan and Hilda  The balance of power is shifting. Powerful nations that live for themselves begin to die away: me-first capitalists, isolationist Americans, Little Englanders. History tells us that nations that live to themselves die of their selfishness. Connect to your...
Posted at 02:19am on 28th December 2012

Nativity - Black Hole Or Pre-birth Rest?

Christmas hustle, christmas bustle

Adults' stresses and children's hastle

Many together, many not Whoever's fault - it's their lot Some find themselves alone As the Christ Child may have done No home to call their own No family to be as one So let's take time from food and glitter And pray for all who's life seems bitter That some of us with...
Posted at 07:48am on 21st December 2012

Middle East Christians And A Saxon Faith Story

In one Middle East country after another a largely unheralded tragedy is being played out. Christians flee for fear of hardship or persecution. Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon ... the list goes on.  The once sizeable minority of Christians in these countries has more than halved in one generation.

I am writing a...

Posted at 13:54pm on 14th December 2012

The Rise Of The Guardians And Of Church Roofs

I have just seen 'The Rise of the Guardians', a wonderful film for children of all ages. Pitch is the dark force who is so fear-filled that he wants to fill every child on earth with fear so they need him.  Four guardians of the children  - Santa Claus, the straight-speaking Australian...

Posted at 15:36pm on 8th December 2012
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