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Ray's Blog: March 2013



Holy Island's two retreat houses and the churches have a more or less integrated programme for Holy Week. Northern Cross pilgrims walked through snow before arriving on Good Friday.   Oyvind and Jens from Denmark made a film of his prayer workshops.  Sven, leader of our Community in Norway sent this poem with...
Posted at 23:27pm on 29th March 2013

Thursday In Holy Week


In order for there to be good beginnings there have to be good departings. On his last full day on earth Jesus gives love. He gives it exquisitely. In his tiredness he washes the tired feet of faithful friends. In his generosity he gives bread to his betrayer. In prophetic...
Posted at 02:14am on 28th March 2013

The Archbishop, The Mystics And The Archetypes

Carol returned from a visit to Southwark Cathedral and Betty arrived from a visit to Norwich Cathedral. In both places  the new Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby had dished out candles to the public and asked them to pray. Carol told him The Community of Aidan and Hilda is praying...

Posted at 02:59am on 23rd March 2013

The Pope, The Way, The Gospels

We who  have  tried to live a way of life for our world are heartened that Pope Francis' first sermon was a call to a way of life. He said in the Sistine Chapel: 'Walking: our life is a journey and when we stop, there is something wrong. Walking always,...

Posted at 14:56pm on 16th March 2013

Ca&h Bishop Speaks Up In Parliament For Women

The Community of Aidan and Hilda is advised by leaders from a cross-section of churches. Its 'Anglican Visitor' is the Bishop of Coventry, Christopher Cocksworth. On International Women's Day (March 7) he made his inaugural speech in  the UK's second House of Parliament (the First House is elected; the second...

Posted at 01:02am on 10th March 2013

Challenging Generosity


The first appointment made public by the new Archbishop of Canterbury is a Conflict Resolution advisor. The Vatican might do well to follow that lead. We were told the following in a homily at a church on Holy Island last week:A non-believer went on a church crawl. A sermon on Jesus’...
Posted at 09:11am on 4th March 2013
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