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Ray's Blog: April 2013

Anzac Day Retreat Makes History In Queensland

I sent greetings to the first Aidan and Hilda retreat to be held at The Green House, Buderim, Queensland. Heather Johnston writes:

At the Green House there is an Indigenous memorial garden. For the last three years
SAILS and Kabbarli have had an annual gathering where Indigenous people plant native plants...

Posted at 13:40pm on 26th April 2013

Prayer, Bible And Nature Walks Flower In Wales

I visited churches in North Wales. Many chapels and churches are now relics, some possesssed by keyholders who forbid even their priest to enter without their permission. I listen to words of Aberdaron's late poet priest R.S.Thomas on the car CD: '..the tide laps at the Bible; the bell fetches no people to...

Posted at 01:30am on 21st April 2013

A Recipe

Geoff stayed at White House. I played squash with him when he was a Youth for Christ director. Since then he founded a Vineyard Church. This church does not spend money on a building for its Sunday worship (though it has a shop-front presence ) - it has invested money...

Posted at 00:45am on 14th April 2013

How Missional Churches Can Become Whole

Thursday. Dublin University Club.  A trio brain storm about the future of the British Isles and Ireland and its churches. I circulate some embryo thoughts.  We talk through 'The Council of the Isles', the Irish-UK Parliamentary Assemby, Churches Together in Britain and Ireland, prophetic ways of God, people to network with....

Posted at 04:13am on 6th April 2013
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