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Ray's Blog: June 2013

Helen - Something Beautiful For God

Helen has died. Two weeks ago I preached in Ottawa about the woman who did something beautiful for God by anointing Jesus' feet. I illustrated how it is never too late to do something beautiful for God with the example of the farewell charity event Helen held the previous day....

Posted at 04:42am on 30th June 2013

Norsk Vows And Aussie Prayers

Today Solve Hatlen, a pastor from Volda, Norway took his Voyager Vows on Saint Cuthbert's Island. His soul friend and his church are also here. We explore ways we and our churches can be steeped in the spirituality of the church and desert fathers'. Today our web manager, Paul, explains...
Posted at 03:47am on 25th June 2013

The Climax: Prayer Houses

To keep the rhythms and to allow for unfolding possibilities (such as a holiday in Toronto!) we left the last 36 hours free. Thank God. They were filled with two unscheduled and life-giving visits. Fred, who has served Christ in the streets for many years, accompanied Randal and I on a...

Posted at 06:27am on 20th June 2013

The Cathedral: Ottawa

Most days I speak of the death of Christendom and of The Great Emergence. This day I engage with Ottawa's Anglican cathedral, an epitome of Christendom. Removed from the city's cross-cultural street life, it is a focus for armed forces services and a classic cathedral choir. The profits from a huge building project...

Posted at 03:53am on 15th June 2013

The Community: Down Town And Around T.o.

Earth community.

Saturday: We  take the ferry to St. Luke's shoreside church on Toronto Island for an Eco Retreat. Before lunch I give input: after lunch we go outside and meet the trees. Paul  Abell, Arocha Environmental Stewardship Advisor for Greater Toronto, comes on his cycle. Sunday: I preach at The...

Posted at 09:01am on 11th June 2013

The College: Toronto

i had to leave Farne Retreat and its Cabin for Toronto and its College. Before I did so I  swam in the pond. Frogs croaked. Dana arrived. He expores the Way of Life. What can simplicity and purity mean for his fellows in the world of finance? He drives me to Down...

Posted at 17:55pm on 5th June 2013

The Cabin: Canada

I am in Canada. The Cabin lies at the end of a path, beyond the pond, beside a wood. No electricity diminishes what it has to offer. Frogs provide the music.  I read Kahlil Gibran's  masterpiece The Prophet and think of my house and garden chalet at home. I tweet ...

Posted at 05:30am on 1st June 2013
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