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Ray's Blog: July 2013

God's Cottage, Glendalough

Glendalough, nestling among two lakes and seven valleys in Ireland's Wicklow mountains, attracts ever more visitors.

We come for the beauty of nature, for her singing trees and streams. We come for the beauty of a holy soul, Saint Kevin, whose prayers in the lake vanquished the...

Posted at 00:21am on 27th July 2013

Tomato Ketchup And All That

How about this for a grace before a meal?

Thank you for tomato ketchup (probably made in the Netherlands – God bless the Netherlands)

from tomatoes grown in Spain (God bless Spain)

pollinated by Turkish bumblebees (God bless Turkey)

manufactured in Slovakia (God bless Slovakia))

and consumed by us (God...

Posted at 02:21am on 20th July 2013

The Third Desert

The first desert refers to the fourth century Athletes of Christ in Egypt and neighbouring lands. From the 4th century this desert became a dwelling place for thousands of Christian men and women who lived lives of prayer and discipline under vows. Some were organised, as in Pachomius’...
Posted at 23:19pm on 12th July 2013

Rhythm In The Big City

Over one hundred adults and children from London's Christ Church, Highbury gather in the sunbathed green of High Leigh Centre, Herts. These bankers, solicitors and media people are six months into a year exploring a Way of Life. They have come to clarify, question and clinch waymarks. Some witness...

Posted at 12:34pm on 6th July 2013
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