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Ray's Blog: October 2015

Pentecostal, Music And Monastic Researches

My old friend Paul Hodgson has joined the staff of the International Bible Training Institute in Sussex. My brother trained at this Pentecostal college and met his wife Anita there. Paul invites me to place two papers on to their web site: First Introductions for Bible Christians to 1) Celtic...
Posted at 01:22am on 25th October 2015


I went to Mirfield, in Yorkshire. I honour this place for 117 years of monastic formation. Dietrich Bonhoeffer honoured it for the depth and accessibility of the brothers' psalm chanting. The last time I spoke there, with Ian Bradley, the Prior informed everyone of his three conversions: to Christ, to computers...
Posted at 01:57am on 18th October 2015

Houses Of Prayer

'Houses of Prayer: what they are, where to find one and how to start one' £12.99 from Yes - this is my latest book.

Don't buy this book just because you read this blog or follow the Aidan and Hilda Way of Life - unless you'd like to...

Posted at 07:15am on 15th October 2015

Dungeons, Heroes, Transformations

This week I had depth talks with two interesting people - Peter Kenney, who studied at the Jungian Institute, Zurich, and Marcus Losach, the author and pilgrimage guide who lives at Glendalough.

Peter and I explored archetypal dreams, stories and people. In Jungian understanding, if our surface ego life falls...

Posted at 02:13am on 8th October 2015

Kindness In Jersey

The New Testament lists nine fruits of the Holy Spirit. Bang in the middle – the fulcrum upon which the others balance – is kindness. I am in a retreat cottage at St. Brelade’s Bay on the sunlit island of Jersey. St. Brelade’s Church has just hosted a Kindness Festival....
Posted at 23:41pm on 1st October 2015
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