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Ray's Blog: April 2015

Queensland: The First Seven Days

Day One: I work with my host Judy in their Carboolture home, Pilgrim's Place, on a Celtic Prayer Workbook with leader's guide. I think it is very good. We intend to collaborate and find a publisher for this and her writings about garden plants that are full of wisdom....
Posted at 06:08am on 23rd April 2015

Tahlee – Was This A Retreat?

It was advertised as the Biennial Retreat of The Community of Aidan and Hilda Australia. In the event 27 people arrived at Tahlee, New South Wales. The venue, run by Tahlee Ministries, is a treasure beside an inland sea where wallabies and possums scamper amid cabins built in the 1820’s,...
Posted at 13:15pm on 20th April 2015

Wait And See A Bit More

The fourth meeting in the Newcastle region of New South Wales was at the interesting home of two friends of my hosts. Every wooden wall is itself a work of art. They sleep in a large insulated glorified shed. Our host, bare foot with a long beard introduces...
Posted at 09:05am on 15th April 2015

Wait And See

No public engagements. No company in a strange house. No easy transport. No bounce. No easy answers.

Easter break. A gig with 90 people in a tree house. Six tell their hard story with searing honesty. A violinist plays between each and before final deep meditation. I meet a student...

Posted at 23:38pm on 6th April 2015
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