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Ray's Blog: September 2015

Let A Hundred Little Retreats Flower

'It's just happening more and more' emails Richard from Ynys Mon (Anglesey) in Wales. 'Lots of tiny fires lighting up, big boilers just smoking and going out! It strikes me, in the same vein, that retreats are going the same way - instead of large, professional retreat houses there...
Posted at 08:54am on 17th September 2015

A-z Wedding And Refugees' Welcome In York

A week-end in York, Britain's friendly city encompassed by Roman walls with the Minster as its heart. It was my privilege to conduct the marriage of James, who was born in Australia, to Rebecca, who was born in Zimbabwe - hence the A-Z wedding, with both families coming together at...
Posted at 08:52am on 17th September 2015

Science, Religion And Studies

* Dr. Gavin Hitchcock called. I will conduct the wedding of his daughter in York (see next week). Gavin lives in South Africa and had attended the Conference on Religion and Science at Durham, where they discussed a 'multi-verse universe'. We talked about Richard Dawkins. We used to criticise...
Posted at 02:35am on 9th September 2015

When Jesus Came To Birmingham

***'When Jesus came to Birmingham they simply passed him by' says the famous poem by G. Studdert Kennedy. No longer. Geoff Holt and I spent two days with the core team of Newbigin Centre for Urban Hope, Winson Green, Birmingham. Four of the six have Ph.D's: all have deep...
Posted at 03:39am on 3rd September 2015
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