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Ray's Blog: December 2016


Over Christmas I watched a film about Prince Harry among AIDS sufferers in Africa. The way he is working through his issues seems more positive than negative. He said 'Doing good is fun. Bad is boring'. In her Christmas speech his grandmother said 'Jesus Christ shows me the...
Posted at 12:05pm on 28th December 2016

The Danish Film-maker And The Scottish Donkey

Oyvind Borgso is the first person to use the guest room in my new house. He flew from Copenhagen to film interviews for a new web ministry he will soon launch. In the context of a world at a cross roads he asked for talks on A...
Posted at 09:32am on 20th December 2016

The Poetry Of A Life

'You are God’s Poem' is a paraphrase of the New Testament Letter to Ephesians chapter 2 verse 10. I have received poems from two people this week. The first two are from Torbjorn Kloster, who is one of the leaders of our community in Norway. He has translated them...
Posted at 17:27pm on 12th December 2016

The Wages Of Smug … And A Lectio Divina Of The Signs Of Resurrection

An article in on smug american liberalism says to the post-Trump defeated liberals ‘I am not suggesting they leave their values. I am suggesting that they think about what it might be like to have little left but one’s values, to wake up one day to find your whole...
Posted at 07:50am on 6th December 2016
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