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Ray's Blog: September 2016

New Monastics In Norway

I have been to heaven and back. This took the form of an easy return flight from Newcastle to Stavanger and a short drive to Utstein Pilemgrimsgard with Haken. There, amid the fjords and sheep on bright green slopes our community’s annual gathering took place. The community is named Anam...
Posted at 05:10am on 27th September 2016

The Beast And A Divine Eruption

Electors throughout Europe, America and the Philippines are hitting out at the established order. They are replacing political parties with a ‘Me First’ movement. A former leader of a UK political party describes this, in a newspaper interview, as the emergence of ‘the Beast’. He quotes’ Yeats’ poem The Second...
Posted at 03:25am on 21st September 2016

Saint Aidan At Bradford And Lincolnshire

I pick up a church leader at the rail station. He makes the long journey for a mere 36 hours for one thing only: to seek God’s discernment for a new phase in his calling.

I drive for three and a half hours to Bradford Cathedral to support my friend...

Posted at 06:18am on 15th September 2016

Local Heroes And New Usa Blog

Ruth Ward has died. I am invited to input into her funeral in Lincolnshire. She was my hero. She joined our church at Bowthorpe, Norfolk. She could not read properly, but somehow the Bible was different and she stumbled through this, eventually reading it aloud in church. Her lack of...
Posted at 07:50am on 7th September 2016
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