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Ray's Blog: July 2017

Shetlands House Of Prayer

I am at Sumbaugh airport, ready to depart from the Shetland Isles to Norway. The Norway Vikings once ruled here. The King of Norway declared his country Christian in 995, including the Shetlands, but behind this there is a story.

Picts who lived here turned to Christ in the 700's....

Posted at 23:23pm on 28th July 2017

Go North, My Friend, Go North

It took twenty seven hours from door to door: two trains, one overnight ferry, hired car drives and ferries across two more islands. I could have flown to Australia and almost back to Hong Kong in that time. In fact I am still in Britain, on the island...
Posted at 02:14am on 18th July 2017

A Fantastic Team On The Way

It's a great team. I have long been working on The Way - an on-line 'Pilgrimage for Life'. Those who enrol will get seven daily emails followed by a week's spiritual exercises for years to come. The aim is to enlist millennials to veterans in all five continents....
Posted at 11:41am on 14th July 2017

A Holy Place

What a privilege! The minister of the church I planted forty years ago stays with me during his sabbatical study. His theme is 'What makes a place holy?' Mark. its current minister, told me how, in a previous church , they learned to listen to the neighbourhood, the...
Posted at 10:09am on 6th July 2017
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