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Ray's Blog: September 2017

Teething Problems

The Pilgrimage for Life on-line course is going strong but has hit a reef or two.

1) A confusion for many:

Not everyone digested the information that every second week we pause in order to engage in the spiritual formation exercises. So now this...

Posted at 03:52am on 26th September 2017

The Time Has Come

The time has come for the Autumn Equinox in the northern hemisphere (Spring Equinox in the southern), Friday 22 September. We leave behind the frantic pursuits of summer and embrace the season of slow ripening and rich storehousing of memories. We may tunnel deeper into the things of God, but...
Posted at 01:05am on 22nd September 2017


• We launched the on-line Pilgrimage of Life on September 1. Within its first week 72 had enrolled and 9 had joined its Face-book page. Now students flock back to high schools and universities. Help us to reach them and register our first 1000 enrolments. The world situation is urgent....
Posted at 01:37am on 16th September 2017

Three Brilliant Launches

The first launch was The On-line Pilgrimage for Life. Preparing the daily emails for this has been my bread and butter and my passion for nearly two years. It would not have been possible without a great team. Australia's Bruce Challener has devoted enormous energy into setting up the...
Posted at 08:38am on 8th September 2017

They Lived Well.

St. Mary's Holy Island was packed for the funeral of Lady Rose Crossman. 'Her whole life was devoted to service' a resident said to me. This poem of Robert Louis Stevenson was read:

She has achieved success who has lived well,

Laughed and loved much;

Who has gained the respect of intelligent...

Posted at 13:56pm on 1st September 2017
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