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Ray's Blog: February 2018


Some 'expert' on TV announced that the new old age is between 85 and 95. 'Great', I thought to myself, 'I might miss it'.

Another TV programme showed us how to lose weight and be fit  without leaving home. I'm trying it out. New energy pours in and new inspiration pours...

Posted at 19:36pm on 17th February 2018


A few days before he died of cancer, a new Berwick friend contacted me. He hosted a small group of neighbours who discussed significant questions of science, philosophy and religion. He wanted it to continue. Would I join it and help to keep it going?

This week four of us discussed...

Posted at 08:57am on 7th February 2018

Listen To Different Generations And Races

My recent blogs have brought some great feed-back. What about this from Paul John Martin in Minnesota:


 We believe that in the Celtic Way, we have something priceless we are called by God to pass on to others. How...?  I have three main ideas.


  First, we can pray daily, faithfully. Ray reported on...

Posted at 15:26pm on 2nd February 2018
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