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Ray's Blog: November 2021

Angry Children Reject Parents

People at a recent retreat revealed the heartache of rejection and estrangement from children and grandchildren and a more general concern about children who in anger reject their parents. Conflict seems to come from three sources: Gender issues, Anger - inexplicable and  unexplained, and Rejection of our faith and...

Posted at 09:30am on 26th November 2021

Lecture: The Influence Of The 7th C Irish Mission On Britain And Beyond

On Saint Hilda's Day, 17 Novemember, I received the vows of Bryan Knox of Cramlington on Holy Island, in the presence of 'The Gang', ten committed friends of forty years.

That evening I gave Berwick Historical Society's first lecture since Covid, on the subject 'The Influence of the 7th c Irish Mission...

Posted at 11:39am on 18th November 2021

Handel's Messiah For Climate Crisis

On Saturday I exulted  in a performance of Handel's Messiah. Following the example of King George 2 we all stood for the Hallelujah chorus.  This is surely the most inspired creation in the history of human-kind on earth. Throughout I was thinking of planet earth's climate crisis and the...

Posted at 09:00am on 8th November 2021
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