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Ray's Blog: December 2021

The Messiah In A Climate/covid Stricken Planet

I exulted  in a nearby  performance of Handel's Messiah. Throughout I was thinking of planet earth's crisis and the campaigners shut out of the COP 26 conference centre.  It prompted these Christmas thoughts:

Comfort ye, comfort ye, my earthlings.  Every sinking island and uninhabitable desert shall be exalted....

Posted at 17:09pm on 21st December 2021

Dear Australia


Macrina, the mother of family monasticism, and her brother Basil, made their homes hubs of prayer, hospitality and creativity and invited needy children into them. Is it Australia’s turn now?

The urgent must no longer crowd out the eternally essential. Good is enemy of the best. Denial of reality...

Posted at 09:46am on 5th December 2021
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