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Ray's Blog: February 2021

A Devotion For The Season Of Lent

A blog reader asked me this week where in my writings he could find a poignant  Lament for Christ for use in the season of Lent. This Lament  is beautiful and touches the soul.  It is the entry for Ash Wednesday in  The Celtic Prayer Book Volume 1:...

Posted at 08:59am on 26th February 2021

A Lent Lament For Planet Earth

On Ash Wednesday I meditated on whether I am meant to have a leit motif for this Lent: e.g. reparation for violating the Trinity's image in our society.  

Then the Columban Ecological Institute sent this reflection by  Nellie Mc Laughlin:

'Deep within Earth’s sacred cradle of wisdom I sense rumblings:


Posted at 10:28am on 20th February 2021

Down With Selfish Nationalism: Up With The Book Club

Email dialoguing this week pinpointed one of the vital ingredients implicit in the name Community of Aidan and Hilda.   The CAH founders were very clear that the community and therefore its named patrons should never be selfishly nationalistic, but should be a model of indigenous and multi-national partnership.  The...

Posted at 15:25pm on 12th February 2021

A Diy Holy Island Retreat


 At this time of year people around the world plan for a retreat. Many book in to one on UK’s Holy Island of Lindisfarne.

 The Covid pandemic need not mean that all is lost. You can...

Posted at 08:57am on 5th February 2021
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