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Ray's Blog: July 2021

Brendan's Return



Brendan's Return Voyage: A New American Dream: Indigenous, Post-Colonial, and Celtic Theology


Ray Simpson

Posted at 08:12am on 29th July 2021

The Archishop, Holy Island And A Uganda Village.

I met recently retired Archbishop Sentamu at a post-Covid-restrictions dinner yesterday.  He told me that when he was offered a place in UK's Second Chamber ('The House of Lords') he asked that he be given the title 'Baron of Lindisfarne and Masooli'.  The powers that be granted him Lindisfarne but...

Posted at 09:10am on 23rd July 2021

Reviews, Podcasts And Tweets

Yesterday I recorded a podcast with Forrest Inslee in USA of Circlewoood Earthcaster’s Podcasts. He says that reading Celtic Christianity and Climate Crisis Sacristy is renewaing his hope.  More info shortly.

 Review in Transforming Ministry

Celtic Christianity and Climate Crisis

Ray Simpson

Sacristy £12.99 pbk

 This book, by...

Posted at 09:23am on 15th July 2021

A New Camelot?

Following the Batley bye-election new factors are at last being recognized in the politics of Britain and Ireland: that an English Parliament, a federal UK Government that contains representatives of all four ‘home nations’, or...

Posted at 08:48am on 9th July 2021

Climate Deniers And The Bible

The CAH Way of Life’s starting point is to root out denial. Simplicity springs from the Beatitude ‘Blest are the poor in spirit’ – that is ‘Blest are those who root out the...

Posted at 08:10am on 1st July 2021
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