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Ray's Blog: December 2022

New Year Message

Brian McLaren's new book Should I Stay Christian? a guide for the doubters, the disillusioned and the disappointed  is but the latest sign that a younger generation soaked in global social media, wonders whether or not to reject a Christianity that seems a prisoner of male terminology, colonial, capitalist,...

Posted at 10:52am on 30th December 2022

Christmas - The Most Amazing Letter I Have Received


Of all the Christmas cards and emails I have ever received a four page typed letter posted in New Zealand is the most extra-ordinary.

X's estranged friend - a friendship that had been bolstered by booze...

Posted at 16:27pm on 23rd December 2022

Build Justice In Advent

From a friend's Christmas letter: 'At no time in my life have I known such apparent chaos and desolation... I see only insuperable obstacles to human flourishing - war, conflict, violence, climate change, selfishness of unprecedented dimensions, political and economic ineptitude, commercial and technological malevolence on a grand scale...

Posted at 09:04am on 12th December 2022

Making New Waves For God's Kingdom

Wales - land of world cup soccer, songs and saints...

 A Welsh lady who once pilgrimed to Lindisfarne sent me this poem for Christmas that recalled her visit:

'Jesus... as in my mind I stand on that distant shore near Lindisfarne your Holy Spirit flows again on me like gentle waves...

Posted at 09:39am on 8th December 2022

Perish Or Rise To The Challenge

I have had flu.Â

Dawn Martindale, my secretarial assistant can no longer travel here monthly.Â

My computer was hacked. I did not send out a request for anyone to send me money. I have purchased a new computer. Making everything work is very difficult. Please pray that...

Posted at 10:46am on 1st December 2022
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