Scripture likens certain regimes to a drunken whore, whose peoples are as intoxicated with her as with alcohol (Revelation 17:2). We call this populism. Under military regimes the only solution is to remain faithful to the Unseen King of Kings (Revelation 17:14) who will endure when tyrants implode. Under democracies we use our vote, our voice and our example to model an alternative way of life. We are the creative minority which Scriptures calls a remnant.

The prophet Jeremiah likens the people to a whore because they raped the earth, thus causing a crisis in nature (Jeremiah 3:1-3). Because everyone, from prophet to priest, is greedy and deals falsely (Jeremiah 8:10) even the leaves wither (13) and the mountains and pastures are laid waste (9:10). The earth will become a wasteland because there is no one who cares (Jeremiah 12:11).


 In my latest book Celtic Christianity and the Climate Crisis (www.sacristypress) I outline how the drivers of our economies have raped the earth and how the peoples have acquiesced. But I also draw out a life-giving alternative model. Become part of the creative minority who turn things round.  Maske this your best Advent ever.

Posted at 09:38am on 19th December 2020
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