Have An Advent Retreat - Make Space For Something To Happen

I am preparing a retreat at The Open Gate, Lindisfarne, November 29 - December 3 on the theme Making Space for Something to Happen. We shall explore how Old Testament witnesses to Christ did this, sometimes only reluctanty, as moved by God. We shall explore how Mary made space in her womb, John the Baptiser made space in his movement, and how we may make space in our ego-centric patterns. There'll be lots of silence. Bookings at opengate@aidanandhilda.org.uk 01289 389222.

Now I am off to Whitby for our St. Hilda's-tide retreat and Caim Council. No internet with the sisters. So no blog until my return.

On November 17, St. Hilda's Day, we invite Aidan and Hilda Explorers and Voyagers across the world to renew their vows.

Posted at 00:53am on 12th November 2010
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