Anders Breivik And James The Apostle

Today, Anders Breivik, killer of those on an island whose views he despised, wants to promote his views in court. Today, churches throughout the world commemmorate James, an apostle of Christ who wanted to kill everyone in a Samaritan town whose views he despised. He got the idea - to call down fire on those who opposed God - from his religion. But Jesus told him not to do this - there was a better way. Jesus was not a softee, a renegade to the cause of God. He showed total commitment and passion to the end. James somehow got Jesus' idea. He became one of Jesus most intimate friends. He became the first of the twelve apostles to die a martyr's death. Today, millions walk the long pilgrim route to James' burial place, Santiago De Compostella.

Perhaps some in Norway who grieve the loss of their loved one in this senseless killing will walk out their grief and find a healing process and a new purpose by walking the way of the Apostle James. May every person who died be replaced by someone who makes a new way of life.

Posted at 00:32am on 25th July 2011
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