Angels Down Under

G'day Mate

Yep, I know that the angel season in the old country is all about Michael and his task force protecting helpless souls against the encroaching dark of the northern hemisphere, but I don't agree with you that angels have no place Down Under.

Yep, I know that you know that folk think about the following: Michael and his angel force (September 29); the kids' guardian angels (first week of October); firing, blazing seraphim (the next week) ; the miracle of Le Mont St Michel in France (19 October - read about it in my 'Saints of the Isles' if you've forgotten); Raphel the healing angel and his six companions (October 30) and, yep, I know I could have said her instead of his.

But I want you to know this. I also know that they are the angels of LIGHT and that Down Under the light is flooding in - and why don't you celebrate this with all YOUR bloomin' angels?

I also want you to know this. Just now a woman from Brisbane told me how back home she knelt on the soil and heard the earth weeping. Afterwards she found that the Aboriginal people had gathered at that spot for a great weeping after suffering terrible mistreatment. She heard the sounds of the earth. Each of those dead souls had their angels. They still have them. Listen to the angels. Do you hear me?

Posted at 08:51am on 2nd October 2008
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