Anglesey New Monastic Retreats

I am at Llandonna, Ynys Mon (Anglesey), North Wales. Ynys Mon is the traditional bread basket of Wales. Can it now offer the bread of life to a spiritually depleted land? <p>

My host, James Percival,  took me by boat around Ynys Seiriol. The English call this nature reserve, with its bird flocks and seals, Puffin Island. But the Welsh name retains  awareness of an older, deeper identity as a holy place -the hermitage of Saint Seiriol. Later Richard Adams, co-leader with James of the Community of Aidan and Hilda work in North Wales, drove with us to Clorach Fawr. Here, Seriol regularly met with his soul friend Cybbi, who walked from his hermitage the other end of Ynys Mon (Holy Head). James and Richard hope to ask local authorities to mark this spot with a Celtic Cross, plaque and dedicated area around the well. This would facilitate the ever growing number of pilgrims and the local economy. <p>

Every month James and Richard gather up to twelve people for a half day retreat on new monasticism. Each time they meet they reflect on one of the waymarks of the Community's Way of Life - what it means and how to live by it. James' wife Lesley is part of this and has now become an Explorer. Today, however, she is engaging in  a half day retreat on how to release the God-given creativity that lies within every person. She goes with her prayer partner who has also become an Explorer.<p>

This morning James is hard at work cleaning the rooms of departing guests from his family's holiday cottages business This afternoon we have dedicated soul friend time. <p>

Meanwhile I receive this email: 'I am exploring the understanding  of ‘a company of sages’ which you mentioned to me in our early days in Cape Town, talking to several friends about its meaning, and the role sages play in society – wisdom figures I suppose, living a life of greater solitude with the Lord, but available to those the Lord sends. The idea has really sparked interest. If you have the time perhaps you could give me your definition or thoughts or send me any material you have written about sages and their companies.'. More to follow.

Posted at 09:18am on 13th July 2018
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