Anzac Day Retreat Makes History In Queensland

I sent greetings to the first Aidan and Hilda retreat to be held at The Green House, Buderim, Queensland. Heather Johnston writes:

At the Green House there is an Indigenous memorial garden. For the last three years
SAILS and Kabbarli have had an annual gathering where Indigenous people plant native plants for friends and relatives who have died during the year. We are now collaborating to extend this small informal space behind the Green House so that there will be separate access along a short path through the bush, which makes it possible to visit privately at any time. It is a work in progress and will eventually include sitting places for reflection and artworks. SAILS has decided to commemorate the people who died in the the process of the dispossession of the Australia’s Indigenous people and the frontier wars. We advocate for the acknowledgement official recognition of the frontier wars in Anzac Day celebrations.
As part of the Aidan and Hilda retreat being held at the Green House we will have an
Anzac Day gathering reflecting on, and bearing witness to, the dispossession of the
Indigenous people and the frontier wars. People attending will have the opportunity to
mention a place to which they feel connected, and some detail of the historical process by
which the local Indigenous people were dispossessed. Afterwards we will plant a tree and lay a wreath and other symbols at the street entrance to the memorial garden. A film is being made.


At the first Buderim Day we asked permission to say our family sorrys for the actions of our
first settler ancestors on the Darling Downs. Some time after that the local Indigenous
community presented us with this copy of Kevin Rudd’s sorry speech which we value as a
symbol of reconciliation.
This gathering is part of a biannual retreat of the Australian members of Community of
Aidan and Hilda which is a group of Chritians who follow a way of life in the Celtic tradition.
Two of the elements of the way of life are care of creation and healing troubled
communities and places. Locally we try to do this by researching the history of our local
area and telling the stories to the wider community in any way we can. We wish to create
a safe, inclusive space where both the Indigenous stories and the settler stories of early
settlement can be told and heard. Sean is filming this event because he is making a
documentary about the dispossession of the Indigenous people from this area.

Posted at 13:40pm on 26th April 2013
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