One year since earthquake decimated Christchurch, New Zealand I was in touch with our friends in both South and North Islands. The Maori name for New Zealand is Aotearoa.  The Maoris have a one word greeting that is as packed with meaning as is the biblical greeting 'Shalom'.
Teacher and tohuna Ruth Makuini Tai explains:

'Maori language and practise holds the memory of a time when the force of Aroha was understood and respected by all. Aroha is the creative force behind all dreams. Aroha defines great leadership, ensures personal success, inspires us to go the extra mile. Aroha means Love. However when we explore its roots Aroha yields a profound message about love that is not widely understood.

ARO is thought, life principle, to pay attention, to focus, to concentrate
RO is inner, within, introspection
HA is life force, breath, energy
OHA is generosity, prosperity, abundance, wealth'

Aroha may be described as the binding force of all that is.

I am living with a call to recover the Holy Wisdom tradition in our consumerist society. The Bible says that in Christ is contained all wisdom. But have we begun to unpack, meditate upon and live its spacious, life-giving reality? 
Aroha to you all.
Posted at 02:30am on 1st March 2012
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