Ashes To Ashes: A Simpson To The Rescue?

What misfortune! To be In Australia when it suffers it's worst Ashes defeat in history. (You Americans - we're talking cricket!). .The media even quote Michael Vaughan's Tweets: 'What do you call an Australian with 100 runs to their name? A bowler'. It seems as if a National Disaster has been declared. I hardly dare talk to anyone. Is this to be a wasted visit?

What good luck! I need not fear. They are calling for someone like Simpson to restore their fortunes. In the mid 1980's Australia was also in desperate trouble. It called upon one of the toughest coaches of all time, Bob Simpson. He took complete control over every player. He wanted to know what made wives and families tick, too. He trained them 24/7. He had scouts to check out that all prepared properly. He changed player culture throughout the land. He wanted coaches he could trust and who understood his policies, so that players and team did not go off in all directions. He motivated a generation and made it fit for purpose. They regained the Ashes.

On Brent's day off I dared to talk about these important matters in the privacy of a beach tent in 35 degrees celsius. Brent, like me, is concerned for the future of church, as well as of cricket. We need motivators and trainers who recognise the importance of everyone giving their best in our short life journey from ashes to ashes.

Abbot Jean Baptiste Chautard tells in his book 'The Soul of the Apostolate' how in an orphanage the entire spirit changed within six months of the appointment of a new superior. The reason? She cultivated the interior life of prayer as assiduously as she led the active life of the house. As a result not one child who left ceased to live out an active faith.

Posted at 17:12pm on 7th January 2011
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