Australian Bush: Healing The Land

Dan has just cut down a banana tree. A possum had eaten three of the bananas; about ninety were left. All other bananas I have eaten seem tasteless compared to these.

Heather and her family own bush land where it meets houses at Buderim. They believe that before Australia can move forward according to God's plan it must repent for the settlers 'stealing' the land of the indigenous peoples and killing them. They have researched their ancestors history, and held a Sorry Service in the local church. They expect that the next Australia Day celebration in Buderim will include more than a hundred aboriginal people for the first time, because at last they feel they are welcomed back and acknowledged.

Family and friends circulate between four houses. People with learning difficulties come to Green House, which may become a resource centre for the area. Soon much of the unoccupied land will legally become a Nature Reserve. Heather llives simply, buys only second hand clothes, walks barefeet, and in the spirit of an Old Testament prophet, has shaved off her hair as a sign of penance. She mostly eats fruits, vegetables and eggs from this land. She works hard to make this a hospitable place to a network of friends who come and go, but she is at heart a recluse who meditates at dawn for two hours and goes to her cave once a week.

Tomorrow she will make her commitments to the Way of Life. CA&H Explorers Judy and Rod Kennedy, and four CA&H Friends, along with many others, will attend. I will tell them about the Community, and suggest ways they can take part in this movement of God across the world. Heather will receive her Community Cross and a pilgrim staff. I will receive a waymark carved with the words 'Ray of Lindisfarne'. This will be the first to mark out a Pilgrim's Way that will go from the Green House through the bush to Heather's house.

Posted at 15:10pm on 3rd January 2011
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