An Australian Community Comes To Birth

Ten kids and twelve adults who follow the Aidan and Hilda Way of Life gathered for four days in a church complex at Norlane, Geelong. They differed in background, theology and temperament. Their common ground was the Way of Life, mutual respect and a central silent space.They listened to God well, prepared well, organised well, and played well - through ups and downs. Some came only because of miracle provision, others despite floods in their region, and others despite painful circumstances. They are the salt of the earth. It could not have happened without Brent's enormous energy, organising skill and faithfulness.

Belinda invited ten adults to each reflect on one of the ten elements of the Way of Life and share how they apply it. Matt invited everyone to embrace the silence of this vast land, to let it reveal its secrets, and to send out healing messages. In his Eucharistic homily Fr. Brad urged us to learn from the children to play, and to learn from the divine dance in the heart of the Triune God to dance - each remaining distinct and yet one in the dance. We danced. We modelled unity in diversity. Another speaker envisaged the youth having spiritual directors and living the Way of Life in a fresh way. Locals joined us for Sunday lunch and a public meeting followed.

On Monday morning next steps were discussed such as ways of networking with individuals and the Green House in Queensland, writing and web developments. An Australian Caim Council was formed. Wendy will accompany the Community as its communal Soul Friend -she will be available to pray for and reflect with the Council, the Green House, and newcomers who cannot find the right soul friend. Matt will facilitate meetings and li-aise with the international Caim Council based in UK.

We truly sensed that something new and of God had been birthed in the soul and soil of Australia. The final blessing contained these words: 'May you , like the Australian desert oaks, put down roots deep enough to reach the divine water supplies, reach as high as heaven, and spread your acorns across the land, there to seed and grow beyond our knowing.'

Posted at 14:05pm on 17th January 2011
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