Authors, Deadlines And Inspirations

Waymarks for the Journey: daily prayer to change your world is in the bookshops. I am gratified with feed-back that this is a most significant book. I, too, feel this in my bones.

Tomorrow is the deadline for sending a manuscript which will for the first time provide us with a complete one volume hardback prayer book for the post 9/11 world which connects with the soil and the streets as well as with the Scriptures and the Spirit.

My publisher, Kevin Mayhew rings. Yes, he will get the manuscript on time. He and his wife Barbara are reading Waymarks each day. They love it. There are the germs of two new books in it. They really would be worthwhile. When could I provide them? I tell him that we are in the middle of change-over processes in the Community that need my best attention, that I have spiritual formations to attend to, a chapter on new monasticism for another publisher to write. Like the poor who are always with us, so is the novel on Aidan I am always wanting to finish. We agree that I will not write an Advent course for which I have no great passion, and that I will write the two books for whose subjects he rightly intuited I have a passion.

Posted at 03:30am on 30th November 2009
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