Authors Take Heart!

James McConnachie, editor of The Author magazine, laments the drying up of opportunity and stimulus for authors during Covid. . But then he writes these memorable words of encouragement:

‘’I was thinking of the value of what we do. While social media churns the surface into froth, authors are in the depths, finding, filtering and processing, bringing what is valuable up, out and into the light….’

 Steve Palmer wrote an Amazon customer review of my autobiography Monk in the Marketplace. He was able to jump across construct chasms and write:’5.0 out of 5 stars.  More than you might expect from a minister of religion! This book offers scientific insight into a Theocratically trained mind. A book for the religious that every atheist should read. It goes into depth with what makes the clergy tick and how their faith is sustained despite meeting with doubt. It shows how the signs of life, allegorically reflected in everyday occurrences can lead a follower on despite the rocky path we sometimes encounter on our journey through life. An unlikely candidate for the ministry signs on to the faith-based way of living, through ways both weird and wonderful. In detail, you can follow the many thoughts that the ministry encounter. The transcendental experiences and what they can mean, to a follower meet with Jungian confrontation and psychological interpretation. Though there is no need to follow a belief in the Jewish, Christian God, for these many pathways of an enriched life of this coloring, Ray shows how it probably helps. Each man goes through life weighing up his actions by some moral code. Ray Simpson expresses from which holy book he weighs his up against and expresses how he reconciles his faith to his life.

This book would suit a student of psychology or a theocratically minded young student who wanted to know what the road ahead may have in it. It is an exploration of spirit.’


Whatever next?

Posted at 07:48am on 24th June 2021
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