Bathsheba's Advice

Bathsheba's advice

 Beware Great Men.

My dear Solomon, so wise – so many women.

Where's the wisdom in that?

My beloved David, so great, so generous – so many concubines

But he wanted me and would have it right or wrong.

Where's the greatness in that?

And I am remembered as the archetypal slut.

Better forgotten than to be remembered thus.

Honoured and revered, they believe their own publicity and it undoes them.


Uriah's was the greatest greatness I ever encountered.

One woman – a great lover whose love embraced the whole world.

His king, his soldiers, even (amazingly) the enemy.


I long for a day when the greatness of men and women is their indiscriminate, promiscuous, love for all that is.

Tell your daughters and your daughters’ daughters to beware Great Men.

 Heather Johnston

Heather writes re social exclusions and inclusion: Aidan and Hilda themselves  provide excellent models.  Royalty and monk, male and female. free-er of slaves, recogniser of gifts in unexpected places (Cadmon), foreigner and local Anglo Saxon etc.   I think that the unity of the body of Christ is the single most important task for the church today.


Posted at 10:56am on 21st September 2020
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