Bethlehem's Road

'Bethlehem's Road: a journey through advent' is out in good time for use by individuals and churches. This is my latest book and it is published by Kevin Mayhew.

There are forty daily reflections. Each ends with a Bible reading and prayer. The first ten days clear away ten road blocks - for example excess baggage - that get in the way of Jesus' arrival among us. The second ten days identify ten signposts - prophecies, intuitions, soul-stirrings - that help us travel towards the Appearance. During the third ten days we find ten ways in which we can prepare ourselves to be ready for the Coming. Finally, we get ten glimpses of glory - ways we can freshly reflect the Light of the World. R. S. Thomas' poem The Bright Field is an example of an Epiphany Moment that may be ours.

The Bethlehem Road connects diverse peoples. My nephew Sam is from Ireland. His friend Mercy is from USA. They met at a Bethlehem Bible School conflict resolution conference in May. Now they visit me in Berwick and seek time with God on Holy Island. Sam has friends from the heart of Ireland's conflicts. The Bethlehem Road is significant for them. The unconditional love that shone from the infant Jesus' face upon people of all political and racial backgrounds who were drawn to him in Bethlehem is something they aspire to reflect today.

As a result of Sam's visit to Bethlehem we now have mutual friends from The Balfour Project. On October 31 The Balfour Project hosts a 6.30 pm meeting at London's Westminster Central Hall. Titled ‘Britain’s Broken Promise – Time for a New Approach’, it will acknowledge Britain’s historic responsibilities in the Middle East. It will offer an opportunity to commit ourselves to support Palestinians and Israelis in building a peaceful future based on equal rights for all. Tickets are available from Eventbrite.

Another new book popped through my letter box. It is entitled 'Followers of the Way: Ancient discipleship for modern Christians'. Its author is Simon Reed. It encapsulates the Community of Aidan and Hilda Way of Life in thirteen simple chapters. It appeals to people who are interested in church discipleship courses. Is this, too, part of Bethlehem's Road?

Posted at 06:33am on 5th October 2017
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