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 August 31 (St. Aidan’s Day)

10.30 GMT   Talk:  Aidan: Irish flame warms a new world.

Retreat exercises and journalling: Jesus is ‘the man for others’. How did Aidan model mission freed from nationalism – laying down your life for a people who were disliked?  Or What does it mean for us to walk among the poor, to speak truth to power, to encourage villages of God? Or give examples of pouring oil on troubled waters.

 16.00  Sharing re retreat exercises

 16.45 Talk: Bega – first of England’s spiritual foster mothers.

 Retreat exercises and journalling: Either: How can we transcend abuse and find ‘the fellowship of the ring’ – a way of life others walk with us?  Or: Bega prayed for snow in June and thus the farmer gave her land. In what ways does God speak through creation?

 September 1

10.30  Sharing Bega retreat exercises  and journaling. 

 11.15 Talk: Oswald – the ruler who raised up the poor.   Retreat exercises and journalling:  Either: What might the royalty of service mean for us? Or: How may we turn enemies into friends?

 16.00  Sharing  Oswald Retreat Exercises

 16.45 Talk: Chad and Cedd brotherly love from the Tay to the Thames.  Retreat exercises and journalling:  How may we build sacred bonds between different cultures?  They prayed to heal land for 40 days: How may we heal the land? Chad made monastic cells  his diocese’s hearth: how may we create spiritual hearths?

 September 2  

10.30  Sharing Chad and Cedd retreat exercises.

 11.15 Talk:  Hilda – merciful mother and bright jewel to all.   Retreat exercises and journalling: How may we sustain a merciful heart to people on conflicting sides?  Or how may we releaset he song in every human heart? Or how may we overcome all adversities?

 16..00   Sharing retreat exercises., 

 16.45 Talk:  Cuthbert – prophet, healer, hermit, church planter.   Retreat exercises and journalling: What one thing may we learnf rom Cuthbert as a)healer b) soul friend c) prophet  d) student e) missionary  e) pastor  f) hermit  g) intercessor 

 September 3

10.30 Sharing Cuthbert retreat exercises.

 11.15 Talk: Enfleda – holy learning. Exercises and journalling: What may we learn from her about a ministry of writing? Or about caring for damaged Christian workers?

 16.000   Sharing of retreat exercises.

 16.45 Talk:  Eadfrith, Ethilwald,  Billfrith and  the Lindisfarne Gospels. Retreat exercises and journalling:  Look at the Lindisfarne Gospels on line: what speaks to you?  This has Coptic, Irish, Roman, Byzantine, Saxon and Oriental influences: how may our spirituality reflect a many-splendoured tapestry?

 September 4

10.30 Sharing retreat exercises on The Lindisfarne Gospels.

 11.15 Sacred Bonds – Between Scots and English – a template for America, Britain, China.. all the wat to Zambia?

 Retreat and journaling exercise:  What is God saying to you through this retreat?  Any next steps?  Share any prayers you have written.


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Please book by emailing revd.ray.simpson@btinternet.coHe will send you zoom details.

Preparatoiry Reading: Three books by Ray Simpson: Aidan of Lindidsfarne - Irish Flame Warms a New World,  Hilda of Whitby - a spirituaity of now.  St. Aidan's Way of Mission: celtic insights for a post-Christian society


Posted at 19:59pm on 15th May 2020
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