Books Breaking Through

* Stella Durand's new book Dove of White Flame: A Historical Novel about Saint Columba (Wipf and Stock) is dedicated to 'my brothers and sister in The Community of Aidan and Hilda'.  It's well-researched and a good read. She now belongs to St. Columba's Church, Drumcliffe, County Sligo.

* James Percival's first book of poetry, In a Mirror dimly (ISBN: 9798643537106) says 'To walk the path of life is an adventure ... Come with me on the journey...'.

* Winfield Bevins Ever Ancient Everr New (Zondervan) presents the allure of liturgy for a new generation of Evangelicals. Winfield is the director of church planting at Asbury Seminary in Kentucky, and we had an hour's zoom conversation this week. He is also an iconographer and has sent us a download of his beautiful icon of Aidan with light in his shining eyes.

* Someone on the soulfridnship zoom course became the first person for four months to enter my house, bring a take-away, which we ate in the back yard.  He wants to study soul friendship for a year, and asks for a reading list that includes books published in the twenty years since the exhaustive reading list at the back of my book Soulfriendship was published. I have offered to compile such a list.  Please send me suggestions.

** Rejoice! rejoice! After seven years of  spasmodic work and four lock-down months of intensive work I have completed the draft of Re-Imagining the British and Irish Isles: 366 Glorified Citizens Tests.  The aim is that every home and every MP in the eight administrations of the Council of the Isles will buy a copy.  Now I need to find the right publisher and an inspired marketing ally.





Posted at 12:21pm on 27th June 2020
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