Building Foundations In A New Generation

I was invited to send a message to the Synod of the International House of Bishops of the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. This is it:

Greetings and prayers .from the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, Cradle of Christianity for English-speaking people.

Thank you for the ways you co-operate with God's stirrings in our world and also for remaining human. As you seek to discern your core values and build God-given foundations into a new generation of leaders, know that we resonate with you, for we, too, are seeking to do just that.

As I begin to hand on my Guardian's duties I have moved to a new home named /White// House/. Those early missionary founders Martin of Tours and Ninian of Britain established White Houses that formed the praying, hospitable heart of mission networks. Smaller white houses of prayer and sacrament became the hub of Christian outreach in many parts of what is now Scotland.

I have no sense that God wants me to control things, but I do hear these words: Foundations, foundations, foundations.That is why, for several years I have poured my life experience into the writing of daily reflections and spiritual exercises on our Way of Life which is published this month as /Waymarks// for the Journey/. We are also preparing a Foundations Course, but even more important than these will be building foundations through relationships.

... Do not strive to make things happen: allow God to lead you into the deep touching places. It is a crucial and a costly time, but it is God's time. So, dear brothers, be real, go deep, laugh, cry and journey through cross-cultural but cross-centered exchange into the lasting fruits of resurrection. ..

Posted at 07:44am on 28th October 2009
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