Cairo, Pancakes And Lent

Three members of London's Figuiredo family dropped in. Des is training leaders among new Christians in Egypt. Egypt has suffered two revolutions that 'contain but do not change'. So these Christians, who come under the umbrella of the Coptic Church, have launched a Transform Cairo campaign.

Rehenna writes for a national newspaper and Ethan is an actor. They sense a new move among young people who seek spiritual purpose but not through institutions. They believe story needs to be told and communicated through social media and by word of mouth by people who love themselves as they love their neighbour.

On Shrove Tuesday three local Voyagers enjoyed delicious pancakes dutifully tossed by Graham. The fillings included sliced salmon and rocket, sauced mushrooms, nuts, strawberries and lemon. It was the last time I shall be in their home and was a kind of farewell to me since I shall be in Cyprus until Easter Monday. Others will say farewell to Graham and Ruth on February 29 - its a leap year and they will leap into a camper van for some time before arriving at the remote Shetland Isles.

I searched for things to do in Lent, and, surprise, surprise, I found a splendid list of Forty Things To Do in in my book entitled 'Reflective Services for Lent'. I will do some of these things, but not a different thing each day, for I had an experience that changed my perspective for this year. The Bible reading for the Sunday before Lent was about Jesus being strengthened by Heaven on the Transfiguration Mount to complete his work on this earth even it meant the Cross. I started to imagine the course I am called to complete from the viewpoint of heaven. Instead of Moses and Elijah I visualised Aidan and Hilda - and of course all those angels who delight to linger around here. They do not tell us to buckle under strain, to collude with the fleeting egotistic agendas of this world, or to desert our calling. Nevertheless, Jesus had to move on from the mountain and today I move on to an airport.

Posted at 08:12am on 8th February 2016
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